Dano's Tree Service - Senior Picture 2014

Every year the tree service gets bigger and bigger.  And every year we take a sweet senior pic  (see below).  We added this awesome garage on a five acre lot located technically in Boulder Junction, on the intersection of Bakken Rd and Hwy 51.  Also acquired the pictured skid steer, which dominates logs, enabling us to be much more efficient on most job sites.  Also, aspiring lumberjack Jason Kingstad, has taken up an apprenticeship with us.   


Any E. Lucius around that 40 inch range south of Canada is a quality fish.  Here's an example.

Row Trolling

Row trolling is hands down the best method for targeting big pelagic muskies.  Pictured above are a couple of nice specimens from earlier in the summer this year.  Some of the biggest muskies ever caught in Northern Wisconsin were slayed while using this method.  Both of these fish came in 50' of water and were roaming under pods of ciscoes.  Most anglers immediatly assume that deep diving crankbaits are the best lures for this type of fishing, but both these fish were caught on big rubber. 

Client Musk

Had a client nail a nice 38" muskie about five casts into his trip.  Needless to say, catching a muskie that fast rarely happends.  He also had opportunities at a pair of mid-40s inch fish within the next hour.