Client Musk

Had a client nail a nice 38" muskie about five casts into his trip.  Needless to say, catching a muskie that fast rarely happends.  He also had opportunities at a pair of mid-40s inch fish within the next hour. 

Walleye Guide Trip

Had a group up that just wanted to catch a bounty of fish, something they could bring back and have a fish fry with.  I guided two boats on a half day trip and totalled over 35 walleyes, with six nice keepers.  Also plenty of bonus panfish and a few heavy smallmouth bass.  Needless to say, they got their money's worth and then some.  

An Absolute Giant Muskie - 51.5" 42 lbs

I was fortunate enough to slay my biggest fish ever on 8-17-2014. With my dog as my lone companion on that night, the fish hit hard just before dark and durng a moon event. After I laced a strong hook set, she revieled herself, violently trying to toss the lure with two sets of agressive above-water head shakes. She stayed pinned and I burried my rod. I turned her once on the right side of the boat, then she powered down hard to the left side of the boat, when I then turned her again back toward the bow. I noticed she was spent and I grabbed my net and scooped her into the bag as steadily as I could. I was truely in disbelief when I starred down at her. I took a measurement and snapped a couple pictures. I tried my best for 45 minutes to revive this laviathon, but she simply would not go. I had no choice but to face the reality that this fish was coming home with me. As a result, I was able to get every possible measurement varified by another guide in the area. I have awesome video of this fish from two different angles, and holding this thing in the boat with the cameras rolling reveales its true size. The stats go.... 51.5 " 25.5" girth 42 pounds 11.5" caudal peduncle. The fish will be one of the biggest fish caught inland in WI this year.

Happy Easter

Slid down to the Wausau area Saturday to scout birds at my land.  Crushed this one early the next morning, Easter morning.  A healthy specimen indeed.